About the Bike Zone

For the Love of the Ride

At the Bike Zone, we love to ride. So much so, we own and operate a bicycle shop in Surrey, BC. What we love even more is helping you enhance your ride. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you’ll find like-minded riders at the Bike Zone. Mountain trails to urban parks. Gran Fondo to "doin the Ride". Local BMX competitions. On the Seawall with our families. the Bike Zone owners and staff ride. We hope to ride with you, too.

The Bike Zone Difference

the Bike Zone has become the trusted sales and service choice for both casual riders and competitive cyclists. Whether you want the safest bike for your kids or the next level of BMX, road or mountain bike, we can enhance your ride.

the Bike Zone owners and staff provide a superior level of customer service and we work with you to find the right bike for you. We know the highly specialized needs of road cyclists, mountain bike riders, BMX shredders and pedaling commuters. We know what works because we ride.

We Pedal to the Future

At the Bike Zone, we want to ensure a cleaner, greener future for our kids and theirs. Not only by the alternative modes of transportation we carry, but by the way

Our primary bike and bike part suppliers are located within Canada. Less shipping distance between their shops and ours means less carbon emissions.

We bike to work. You can too. The Lower Mainland has many bike routes and bike lanes. Let us help you change lanes for your future and your health.

Our kids play on trails, not in front of the TV. While channel surfing may be fun, kids develop drive and dexterity out there while exploring local environs.

As your rider-owned family bike shop in Surrey, BC, we want to help you ride well. We want to share the best bikes, bike parts and bike accessories that enhance your ride. Most of all, we want to ensure a better future through cycling.

To pedal towards a cleaner, greener tomorrow, contact us today.