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At the Bike Zone, we love to ride. So much so, we own and operate a bicycle shop in Surrey, BC. What we love even more is helping you enhance your ride. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you’ll find like-minded riders at the Bike Zone.

Call us at (604) 583-0969 or E-mail us to contact@thebikezone.ca and let’s talk about your ride.

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2393 King George Blvd South Surrey, BC 604-583-0969

Tom Sleet

Store Manager

I’ve always rode bikes from as young as I can remember. I got really into riding when I was 11 and then it just took off from there. I first started working in a bike shop when I was 15 and have just always tried to surround myself with the bike industry ever since. I’ve lost count of the amount of bikes I’ve built and bought for myself over the past years and don’t even want to know how much I’ve spent!

I started out just riding around the streets with friends, and from then on have pretty much tried my hand at every discipline of cycling from dirt jumping to trail riding, to XC racing, road riding and more.

I love riding, its a chance to switch off and just get out there, see some amazing places, keep fit and more importantly keep yourself happy.

Come in, pay us a visit and any of us at the Bike Zone will be happy to help you. Its not just about buying a bike, your buying into a lifestyle!

Cecil Milligan

Owner /Rider

My first love has always been bikes. My earliest memory is crashing down my house stairs on my bike at 5 years old. Instead of getting scared, I got back on and tried again…and again!

In the 90’s my friend & I ran a BMX company called Basic Bikes. We designed and manufactured high-end BMX bikes & parts, and took our team of riders all over the world to compete. Some of those riders are now/were household names in BMX circles, and I’m very proud to have had a small part of their success. I certainly learned to appreciate the value of work/life balance…as at times, either of these are easily lost. BMX and bicycles are what I know and I am very grateful for the life it has given me! Nowadays, you can find me and my family riding around the seawall at Stanley Park or on any of the many trails that Surrey has to offer.